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"Feeding Families" one apron at a time...And a portion of my sales goes to Saddleback Church Food Pantry - helping feed local families in need.

How "Sew Sassy" got started...

I was in search of a fun, retro apron. Difficult to say the least...

And when I found that apron I was shocked to learn it was out of my price range. So what's a girl to do?! SEW (of course)!

I love to craft and have been for a big part of my life. I've knitted scarves and blankets for loved ones. I've painted and created ornaments during the holidays. So why not sew (which I haven't done for at least 20 years). But like I told a friend "It's just like riding a bicycle", kinda. :)

After I created my first apron, I decided I would make some as gifts. And as that gift list grew, and friends saw the aprons that I created, they started inquiring if I would sell them?

I found myself contemplating "Why not"?

"Sew Sassy" is the outcome of my efforts in sharing unique retro aprons with those who enjoy color, creativity, and one-of-a-kind aprons that are sure to make you smile.

If you have an idea, favorite color(s), hobby or passion and would be interested in a retro apron created JUST FOR YOU; then send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to put something together that will sure to please you or that hostess with the mostess.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Refer to Me = Apron for Free

Okay - here's how it works.

If you refer your friends to Sew Sassy Retro Aprons; and 5 of those friends purchase an apron from me. You'll receive (1) custom apron of your choice for Free! Yes - FREE!

The kicker - they MUST MENTION YOUR NAME when they purchase their apron from me on Etsy or when ordering a custom apron creation.

Simply copy the information below and you're one step closer to = Good Lookin' while you're Cookin'

Hi there,

I wanted to share the following links with you. My friend has a personal business creating custom aprons. If you purchase an apron from her, not only does a portion go to help feed families in need thru Saddleback Food Pantry; I also have a chance at winning a Free apron. Simply mention my name when you order an apron. Thanks!

Follow me on Facebook: Sew Sassy Retro Aprons
Another way to earn a free apron; buy 5; get 1 free!

And remember, Aprons make a perfect gift for: Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Hostess gift or simply just because.

So to recap = refer different friends (5 must purchase and mention your name) to win a "Free" apron. Or purchase 5; to get one "Free" ("Free" apron is valued at an average of your cost spent; i.e., Buy 3 utility aprons and 2 full aprons - get an additional utility apron "free" or Buy 3 full aprons and 2 utility aprons - get an additional full apron "free" or Buy 5 aprons - get same value apron "free".  Need further clarification, please ask)

It's just that easy!

I'm truly blessed: to do something I love "sewing"; by giving "10% of my sales" back to those hungry and in need; and by those that refer me and support my little business!

"Thank You" for your support!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sassy vs. Spooky

Aprons to die for or at least to cook in, so let's get this party started!

If you see one you really like drop me a quick message at

I'll be posting these on Etsy Thursday evening. Get them before they're gone. I have only one more Halloween witchy creation; then it's on to "Save the Ta Ta's" and "Thanksgiving".

MENTION my blog for Free First Class Shipping! Or for an additional $2; get it Priority Mail.


Hello Kitty with Candy Corn trim and bright orange ric rak edging.
Always a favorite. One Size fits most.
100% Cotton. 100% Cute.

HELLOween Striped KITTY

For Sale = $35

Hello Kitty with stripes and green ric rak edging.
One size fits most.
100% Cotton. 100% Cute.

For Sale = $30
Flying Witches and Bats. With purple ric rak edging.

100% Cotton. Size fits most.

"Witches Brew"
For Sale = $30
The photo seems to show more blue; but the colors are burnt orange, green, purple, black.
The ric rak edging is burnt orange. Black Cats, Pumpkins, Skulls and Potions accent this fun little number.

REMEMBER: All will be posted on Etsy. But if you're interested now, just let me know at

Thanks for looking and for your support!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spooktacular Bracelets for Sale

That's right - Bracelets!

Perhaps it's my crafter A.D.D. But whether I'm sewing Aprons, knitting hats and scarves or stringing Beads, I'm always trying to create and craft something.

I found these cute lampwork beads and decided to create some fantastical little goodies.

And if there is something you see, you can purchase it from me on Etsy.


Golden Sunflower - Buy it Now

Great Pumpkin - Buy it Now

Spiders n' Pumpkins n' Candy Corns, OH MY!

Buy it Now

R.I. P. - Buy it Now

Haunted Mouse - Buy it Now

Friday, July 2, 2010

Show Your True Colors

I've always thought what a fun thing but to accessorize during the holidays. And why not with a holiday apron.

Here are the most recent aprons I've created for the "4th of July"! Because of my surgery I was delayed in creating these sooner. But if they don't sell this year, there's always next.

Hello Kitty - 4th of July SOLD!!!

Patriotic Peanuts

Patchwork Patriotism and Hello Kitty - SOLD!!!

Patriotic Picnic with the Peanuts Gang

Fireworks in the Night Sky

All my aprons (custom or pre-made) are $27.99.

And each apron comes with a matching storage bag.

You can find these aprons and more at:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Love

I've been having a fun time sewing up aprons; as well as some fun baby quilts.

I've been fortunate enough to teach what basic quilting I know to my cousin. She hasn't sewn in years. And so I handed down my sewing machine to her so she now can create wonderful things for my dear sweet little cousins.

This baby quilt will be duplicated for Baby Roach 2.0.

I also created a standard pillow case for Gabriella's bed.

And a much needed pin cushion for Brandie. It was made with the leftover squares from each fabric used for the girl's quilts.

Keep your eyes peeled. I have some final touches on a "long overdue" custom order. And some fun seasonal aprons, too!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From Fabric, an Apron is Born

When you choose one of the fabric combinations, have confidence! Try to imagine what your custom apron might look like.

Sure, you might "FEEL" like you're taking a leap of faith...but that's okay.

Just remember, I already know what it will look like; and in some cases it comes out better than what I imagined (which is a very good thing). I sure would hate for it to come out worse - LoL!

How this works...
Step 1:

Make a selection from my many fabric combinations (or you can find something on your own).

Step 2:
I make an apron from the fabric you choose. And, "Wah-Lah"!

Above - "A Very Brady Apron"

Hey! What's this?

Yes - it even comes with it's own matching storage/gift bag.

It's as simple as 1-2-3!

Care to try?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Aprons with Grace

Show your Easter Spirit. Consider giving an apron to your favorite hostess this Easter.

"Faith, Hope, Love"

Matching Apron Bag

"Hello Kitty, Hello Springtime, Hello Easter"

Floral Ruffles on top.

Matching Apron Bag

"He Lives" Alleluja!

Matching Apron Bag (this is more true to the apron color).

More lavendar than blue tones.

Don't let these hop away. Grab em' while you can.

You can buy these aprons at my Etsy store.

Thanks and stop by again!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just the way YOU like it...


Here I am finally after not posting since October of last year. Wow!

And here are some of the recent custom aprons I created just for you.


"Hello" Kitty

"Sweet" Dreams

Matching Apron Bag

Viva La France!

Matching Apron Bag


I didn't seem to keep photos of all the apron bags. But aprons come with the bags (unless specified).

I am selling some pre-made aprons on Etsy. But the custom aprons have been keeping me pretty darn busy.

Coming soon "Luck of the Irish". Keep your eyes open.