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"Feeding Families" one apron at a time...And a portion of my sales goes to Saddleback Church Food Pantry - helping feed local families in need.

How "Sew Sassy" got started...

I was in search of a fun, retro apron. Difficult to say the least...

And when I found that apron I was shocked to learn it was out of my price range. So what's a girl to do?! SEW (of course)!

I love to craft and have been for a big part of my life. I've knitted scarves and blankets for loved ones. I've painted and created ornaments during the holidays. So why not sew (which I haven't done for at least 20 years). But like I told a friend "It's just like riding a bicycle", kinda. :)

After I created my first apron, I decided I would make some as gifts. And as that gift list grew, and friends saw the aprons that I created, they started inquiring if I would sell them?

I found myself contemplating "Why not"?

"Sew Sassy" is the outcome of my efforts in sharing unique retro aprons with those who enjoy color, creativity, and one-of-a-kind aprons that are sure to make you smile.

If you have an idea, favorite color(s), hobby or passion and would be interested in a retro apron created JUST FOR YOU; then send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to put something together that will sure to please you or that hostess with the mostess.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Merchant Aprons - a fun, new addition

So I've been off the radar lately with aprons.  Seems like "Life" has stepped "in front" of my desire to create.

But luckily I've had a little jolt of creative juice and whipped together this "one of a kind" Merchant Apron for my friend, Gina at Lizzy B's.  She's a real "class act" so I needed to find a fabric I thought would fit right in with her style.

This little apron is the end result (what do you think?).

So grateful for reasons to create.  I've missed this part of my life. 

Guess I should follow my own advice...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Doggie Diva in Training

I created a fun little dog coat for sweet Missy Bo Jingles aka "Diva in Training".

Funny how she prances around just a little bit more than usual when wearing her new coat.

Now back to our regularly scheduled aprons...some fun "customs" on the way.  And maybe even a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Monday, March 12, 2012

and the Winner is....

Tonight "the girls" helped me pick a winner from the list of ladies who so graciously took time to leave a "Phrase of Praise" for my Sew Sassy Aprons business. 

Hey!  When the hubby is busy working you just have to make due.

You might be asking how did they choose a winner? 

Well, I printed out the names. Cut them into strips. Folded them up. And threw them on the floor.

 Bella sniffed at them. But Missy took the "bull by the horns", grabbed one in her mouth and I had to wrestle it away. 

And here's the "kicker". My sweet rescue pup picked a girl who has a passionate heart for rescue animals. Irony? Possibly. But I'd like to think it was "meant to be".

Congratulations Kelly!

To all the other lovely ladies (Cat C., Lara A., Leisa F-F., Nancy B. & Tina T.), I'd like to offer you 20% off your next single apron purchase. 

And for the rest of you... Buy 4 aprons, and you'll get the 5th one for Free!

In small business "word of mouth" is so valuable and "feedback" helps reassure that undecided shopper. 

"Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picture This - Contest

So I was trying to think up something "fun" and "motivating" to bring in some business for my side affection "Sew Sassy Custom Apron Creations".

And after the holidays hit with a "Bang"; I thought..."why not a photo contest"? for all you folks out there that have supported me in the past; and for those who are new to Sew Sassy.

In a "nutshell"...

Send me a photo of yourself wearing a "Sew Sassy Custom Apron Creation" (to be posted on my Sew Sassy Facebook page).  I will then post your pic and put your name in a drawing for a "Free" one-of-a-kind apron*.  That's right "FREE"!

Now, if you don't have one of my aprons - I would ask why not?  :) 

But that's okay - just leave a comment below telling me what you would love about owning a Sew Sassy Custom Apron Creation (make it creative) and you will be put in a second drawing for 50% off a to-be-made apron**.

That's right - it's just that simple. 

I'm looking to spread a little "Good Lookin' While You're Cookin" and this is a great way you can help me spread the word.

So come on people!  What are you waiting for?!? 

Remember Easter is just around the corner (April 8th) and Mother's Day follows shortly after (Mommy & Me aprons would make a great gift).  I also do men's aprons for that B-B-Q'r in your life.  What's that?  Father's Day too (but of course).

Thanks for playing.

These rules apply:

*I pick the "Free" apron for you (It'll be cute - trust me)

**You can request ONE custom apron (sorry - mommy and me sets not included) at 50% off  - $15 savings!
Drawing will be held on Monday, March 12th.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easter & Mother's Day Sassy Apron Creations

Easter &  Mother's Day is just around the corner. 

Consider giving your mom, wife, sister, or friend a custom one-of-a-kind apron creation or better yet why not a "Mommy & Me" set. 

It's the perfect gift that keeps on giving. 

My prices are fair and included with your purchase you'll receive a matching cloth bag to store the apron.  No need to gift wrap.

I'm also happy to ship directly to recipient and include a note.

Go ahead - send me a message with favorite color and/or interest and I'll send you some Sassy ideas on an apron that will suit her perfectly.

Be the first to message me; and if you order an apron or set you'll recieve "Free Shipping".

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sassy Snaks n' Tote

About a month ago I was at a fun little Quilt shop located in San Diego county ("Vista" to be exact) named "Fat Quarters". 

While ogling over all the wonderful fabrics and patterns I happened across some Letter Laminate that reminded me of the Vintage Typewriter Key necklaces from one of my favorite Artisans, Gina B from "Lizzy B".  It literally stopped me in my tracks - seriously. 

So much so that I bought up a smidge to make a reusable Sassy Snaks bag.

I decided to deliver (in February) this little goodie to Gina at the Great Park in Irvine. She comes up to Orange county most months (the first Sunday to be exact) to sell her wonderful vintage jewelry at the Flea Market.

Well, after our visit and her "like" of the Sassy Snaks bag she mentioned how it would be fun to have a matching "lunch bag" or "tote".

And that's all she had to say. I love a chance to create for someone who "wants" a handmade treat.

I called up "Fat Quarters" for some more additional "Letters" laminate and also added the "Numbers" laminate as an accent and "wah lah" - this is what I came up with (no pattern - just let the creative juices flow).  A fun little tote with a pocket full of numbers and a "hidden" message (Look closely).

Today I'm going to (hopefully) drop it off to Gina; assuming I can locate her amongst the vendors.  Wish me luck.

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a Crafty Affair...

So today is President's Day and I'm one of the lucky ones with the day off.  Gotta love working for a bank.  :)

I finally motivated myself to put up shelves, artwork and some of my newest purchases: vintage bobbins & spindles (which I will use to hold colorful rick rack, binding tape, ribbons & lace.

The shelves & light are from IKEA. 
For that matter, so are the fold down tables & chair (purchased previously).

For now I have things up and soon I will be running with scissors for so many craft projects just waiting to be sewn.

But alas it's been a long day and I'm simply warn out.  Looking forward to another day when I can take time to create in my wonderful work space or craft corner.